Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here Begins a Journey

This post begins a new journey for me as an educator.  My Personal Learning Network (PLN) and Twitter have prompted me to record the beginning of what I hope will be a journey that will reshape my role as an educator.  Since joining Twitter 2 months ago, at the urging of Kevin Creutz (@kevcreutz), I have become immersed in a conversation where many people are expressing their thoughts, hopes, dreams, and frustrations about education and the students educators serve. This journey will hopefully involve a significant reimagining of my role as a teacher in relation to my students.  This reimagining could not have begun without the enthusiastic sharing of Joe Bower (@joe_bower) and Pernille Ripp (@4thGrdTeach) through their blogs and Tweets.  Thank you to my PLN who encourages me to be the best guide to my students that I can be.

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