Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have spent the past month reconsidering who I am as a teacher and what I have been doing as teacher during the past dozen years.  These musings have come about as a result of my participation in Twitter.  More on the use of Twitter as a professional development tool will come in the future.  The realization that the way I was taught as a child and have been teaching doesn't have to be the only way education can occur has left me with many sleepless nights.  Using hindsight, I have come to the difficult conclusion that many of the frustrations I have had with classroom teaching are a result of my own actions.  The requirement that students do what I, the teacher, want when I want it seems absurd to me upon reflection.  Many teachers chafe under similar demands imposed from afar by administrators, district officials, state and national governments.  I lay down a challenge to myself and anyone else who stumbles upon this entry.  Is what I am doing or have done with my students truly to their ultimate benefit?  If you believe so, does your approach and methodology have any research that backs up your claim?  My own reflections have left me wanting, and I will be striving to include my students in the decision making of what happens in OUR classroom.

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