Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Reflection Challenge - Day 1 (Becoming a Teacher)

A big thanks to Julie Colque and her 30 Day Reflection Challenge for inspiring this and the next month's upcoming posts!

Q:  How did I decide to become a teacher?

A:  A few reasons exist:
  • Throughout my childhood I always enjoyed spending time with children younger than I was.  As a high school senior, I spent each day working 2-3 hours at an after school program at a local elementary school.  Although there were many challenges in this environment, I enjoyed playing, talking, and being with these children. 
  • I had been positively impacted by teachers in my life, my middle school coach and history teacher in particular.  Being able to interact with him in a variety of activities, I sensed that he truly loved guiding and directing young teenagers in many aspects of their lives.  His influence in my life made me want to have that type of impact with children as well.
  • Finally, most opportunities I had throughout my teacher preparation program to interact students was positive and confirmed my desire to lead and guide students in their learning. 
I'm excited about changes I'm making for this upcoming school year and how they will positively impact my original desires to guide and encourage my students' learning.

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