Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 10 - The Ideal Administrator

Q: Describe the ideal administrator.

A: I've been blessed to work with two excellent administrators during the past 12 years that I have been teaching. Many of the qualities that I will mention I have seen at work in the schools that I have taught in.

  • Desire for all to learn

While this is easy to write, the opportunity to work with an individual who encourages all members of a school body, students, teachers, and parents, is truly a fulfilling opportunity

  • Awareness

Whether this quality shows itself in how a particular student or teacher is fairing at the moment or the status of building maintenance, I feel it is vital that an administrator have an accurate pulse on the what is happening in all aspects of a school campus.

  • Trust

This quality can be tricky to exhibit. I certainly appreciate my current administrator's willingness to allow me to significantly change policies regarding assessment and homework in my classroom. I, as an educator, also have to be willing to extend the trust that my administrator has given to me with my fellow colleagues. This can be challenging for me, especially when another colleague's classroom is run quite differently from my own. For me, the vitality of knowing that my principal will back me publicly in a confrontational situation is essential. If I have made mistakes, I will be admonished, which to me is appropriate, but I know that this will be dealt with privately between the principal and myself, as well as the family of the student, if necessary.

There are surely other qualities or qualifications that another individual would value. These are my most valued at this moment.

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