Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 12 - Keeping Up With Grading

Q: What strategies do you use to keep up with grading?

A: The biggest strategy that I learned to deal with assessing and evaluating student work began in my very first year of teaching. My teaching team at my first school work sent home evaluated work on a weekly basis, and I was expected to do the same. In following this basic policy, I ensured that I rarely fell behind in my assessing. I usually try to return an evaluated assignment within a week of the work being handed in. The only area where I struggle with this is with writing assignments. Needing to evaluate multiple, lengthy written assignments is my greatest challenge in assessment. No matter what I method of evaluation I use, writing evaluation feels quite subjective and time consuming. This is my one area where I feel the greatest need to improve upon regarding student assessment.
I will be interested to see how larger changes that I am planning for the upcoming school year will affect my evaluation processes. My assessment strategies will focus more on standards and I will need to spend larger amounts of time with narrative reporting. In the end, I believe this system will be more valuable to the students, their families, and me.

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