Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 19 - Described By My Coworkers

Q: How would my coworkers describe me?

A: I would think that my coworkers would describe me as calm and interested in what is best for my students. I try to find ways that I can best help my students, especially where technology use can help their learning. My coworkers would also comment on my desire to integrate technology within the classroom. Rarely does a week go by without one of my colleagues asking for help or guidance on some type of tech issue. I figure that I get asked these questions because I am one of a few on my staff who are consistently using technology, but that I'm also willing to use my knowledge to assist or at least attempt to assist in finding a solution to the difficulty. I'm glad that my coworkers feel comfortable asking me for help. This year I am also planning on being even more available to my coworkers.

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