Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 3 - How Can I Improve?

Q:  In which area do I think I can improve the most?

A:  Moving away from punishment/rewards issues is my biggest challenge.  This whole cycle appears in my room far too much.  Whether the cycle expresses itself in my interactions with students, peer-to-peer interactions, or the students' academic work, grading, I have become more and more frustrated with how this punishment/reward culture has permeated my thinking and actions with my students.  Since this is the summer time, I have resolved to eliminate as much as humanly possible these kind of punishment/reward situations.  I expect that I will have a challenge implementing this for a variety of reasons.  Altering my habits and the mindsets of students, parents, and administration will most definitely be a tall order.  But nothing that is truly worth doing is easy.  I'm excited about the plans I have been making for next year and I'm looking forward to observing how these plans play out in my work with students and their families in just a few short weeks.


  1. I'm interested in what you mean by 'punishment/reward situations'. Can you give me an example?
    Ellie Dix
    Pivotal Education Ltd

  2. Ellie, I'm referring to any situation where I, as a teacher, am tempted to reward students with praise, privileges, or trinkets or use loss of recess or some privilege as a way to get student compliance. Of course, there can't be chaos in the room, but so often it's too easy to make compliance to MY desires the top priority while never considering what the student(s) might be feeling or thinking at a certain point in time.