Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 6 - Borrowing From Other Educators

Q: What have I observed of other teachers that might work in my classroom?

A: Since I teach in a small private school, there aren't any other fourth grade teachers. But I am frequently inspired by the first grade teacher at my school. She has created many instances where her Smartboard truly is interactive. Her integration of language and math skills throughout all aspects of learning encourages me to think of different ways that I can do the same. My observations of other educators doesn't end at my school doors. Through connections made from Twitter, I have been observing what has and hasn't worked for other educators. I am specifically altering my teaching style this year due to the conviction that what I have been doing isn't working and isn't what is best for the students I have been entrusted with. I'm looking forward to this upcoming challenge and sharing my learning with other educators.

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