Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 7 - Promoting Responsibility

Q: How can you best promote responsibility to your students?

A: This year I am taking my thinking about responsibility in a whole new direction. I will be stepping out of the teacher "limelight" and giving the students many more responsibilities on how they learn and how the each student will demonstrate their learning. I believe that dictating a great deal of what takes place in the classroom presents a great deal of difficulties. Unfortunately, I have often taught like this. I want the students to have a much greater voice in what takes place each and every day of their learning in fourth grade. Yes, I, as the teacher, have responsibilities to ensure that the students are learning. I am hoping that allowing each student greater autonomy in their learning will help to increase their responsibility for their own learning. I know that I would detest a teaching environment where everything had to be "just so" and I had no choice in how I helped my students to learn. Yet, this is exactly what I have been doing in my classroom for far too long. So I am giving my students the gift of responsibility. The choice to decide how each student will learn and how I can best help each student. I'm excited to see how the students and families will react.

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