Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 20 - First Year Teaching and Beyond

Q: Describe myself during my first year of teaching and how I have changed.
A: My only response to this query is that I was completely clueless. I often felt unsure of how to proceed within the classroom, especially in the area of "classroom management" (even though I hate that term). My teacher training did basically nothing to prepare me for this aspect of teaching. Let's face it, if my students and I can't come to an agreement on how to proceed through each day of school, then none of us will learn much throughout the year. Over the years, I'm now beginning my 13th year of teaching, I became far too good at the traditional model of teacher in control, students following the teacher's cues. Those days are ending. My first day of school plans are so radically different from the past that it hardly seems like I will be teaching the same grade. While I'm a little nervous about how the students and I will collaborate in this new environment, I haven't been this excited about a new school in quite awhile. I feel fresher and more ready to learn with and from my students and help to direct their learning than in many years. So I will continue to share and reflect on my journey. In my ways, I feel like I am beginning my teaching career all over again. I am more comfortable with children and their parents than my first year of teaching. I also know how I have been teaching in the classroom is not how I want my teaching to continue.

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