Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 24 - Easiest Part of Teaching

Q:  What is the easiest part of teaching for me?
A:  For me, the easiest part is coming to school each day.  I've had conversations with other family members and friends who don't really like their jobs.  That thought really has never come into my mind.  Certainly, there are moments in my job as a teacher that I haven't enjoyed.  The difficult conversation with a parent about their child's progress in learning.  Speaking with a student who is hurting another classmate.  Those moments are not some of my fondest, and yet even in those difficult moments I wouldn't want to give up my role as a guider and facilitator of learning for my students.  In some of those stressful moments, I have seen growth, in myself or other people, take place.  So each day I come to school, not with the sense that I MUST come because I have a job to do, but because I KNOW that I can learn from the students even when I am challenged by them or their parents.  Upon reflection, I have learned my most valuable lessons from difficult moments when I haven't met the needs of my students or parents.

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