Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 26 - Most Important Professional Development Tools

Q:  What do I think are my most important professional development tools?
A:  This question is probably the easiest for me in this whole challenge.  The answer: Twitter.  This probably won't seem like a strange answer to anyone who uses Twitter a regular basis.  The change in my thinking and the books that I read this earlier this summer can all be attributed to the connections that I made on Twitter.  In connecting with numerous educators from around the world, I have learned and will be applying several concepts in my classroom that I had no previous contact with before this March when I joined Twitter.  I have made contact with many educators willing to help and encourage me.  I have to give special thanks to one in particular.  Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp) has exhibited a tremendous willingness to communicate and share not only her experiences, but informational letters that I will be using to communicate with my students' families this year.  She is just one example of how Twitter can benefit an educator.  Due to my Twitter connections, I will be attending my first TeachMeet, an informal day-long professional development experience, in a nearby city in October.  I used to ignore Twitter, mostly because I didn't understand its usefulness.  So, if anyone reading this doesn't take part in Twitter at all or only rarely, I would encourage you to consider taking part in this social media environment. 

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