Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 27 - Accomplish Before I'm Done Teaching

Q:  What is one thing I would like to accomplish before I'm done teaching?
A:  I don't think that I can narrow my thoughts done to one particular thing, so I'll go with a mindset change.  If I can change my formerly teacher-centric style to one in which I consider the students and their viewpoint in each decision that I make, I would consider that my greatest accomplishment.  This drastic personal change will not be a single accomplishment, but much more of a process type of change.  Considering a change like this might be out of the ordinary but I have been doing a great deal of reflection throughout this summer.  I have thought about how I have typically taught my students and whether I would want to be a student in my classroom.  I have also been reflecting on whether I would want my principal to regard me in the same fashion that I have often regarded my students.  The answer to both questions has been a resounding NO.  So, due to these considerations, I have embarked and will be continuing on a long journey to alter how I go about guiding my students' learning.  From an increase in my use of technology to offering students the option to direct our learning, I am trying to rewire my thinking of how I go about each aspect of my teaching.

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