Monday, August 8, 2011

Faculty Retreat

I'm off this morning to an overnight retreat with my teaching colleagues.  These yearly retreats have huge amounts of pros and only one or two cons.  First of all, as a staff, we are rarely altogether in one space at the same point in time.  Due to varying schedules and family demands, there are some colleagues that I rarely get the chance to talk with.  Another positive is that all the beginning of the year plans and preparations are dealt with in a concentrated amount of time.  The biggest personal advantage for me is that I get to spend time with my fellow educators just to have fun.  In the one evening we are away from home, we have the opportunity to talk, laugh, play games, in short, just relax with each other.  A rare chance indeed.  Sure, there is the downside of my wife and I having to find someone (usually her parents) to come and stay with our sons while I am away and my wife is working.  I don't like being gone overnight from my family.  I personally wouldn't do well in a job that required me to travel a lot.  But the overall benefit to me, especially as an educator and member of our teaching staff, is tremendously positive.

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