Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meeting My New Students and Families

     At my school, I am required to meet individually with each student and their family.  Sometimes we meet at school and sometimes in their home.  I anticipate all those meetings with a tiny bit of dread each year.  But as I get on a roll of sharing what fourth grade will be like and how we will be learning together, I become excited about our new journey together. This year in particular, I am excited to share the changes that I am making to my approach to guiding students' learning.  I have been able to share my research into homework and grading policies and the knowledge that I have gained during this summer.  Not surprisingly, most families have responded enthusiastically to reduced homework loads, more narrative information about their student's learning, and increased skill in technological tool use.  As I make each visit I become a little more excited about this upcoming year and the new opportunities that the students and I will have to learn with and from each other.  So as I complete these visits in the next week, I look forward to partnering with parents and their students as we embark on another year of learning.

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