Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stop Talking

     The first day of the next chapter in my journey to becoming a changed teacher was a definite revelation for me.  My learning can be stated in two words: STOP TALKING.  I'm referring to my own internal monologue during our first half-day of school together.
     Instead of me droning on and laying out all the rules, I asked my students a series of questions.  What I noticed even in this process is that I can't seem to shut up.  I always felt the need to comment or parrot back what the student had already stated as another student recorded the answer.  I knew that this change process would be difficult, but I am quickly realizing that I have challenged myself in a significant way.
     As I listened to the students respond with possibilities about how our class could be organized, I hoped that they would give me some honest responses.  I believe that the students were honest, though most certainly they are used to the "teacher-in-control" that is so common and that I had previously practiced for the past dozen year. Today's interaction was a tiny, but small step in creating an "nontraditional" classroom. 
      I'll return eagerly tomorrow for another day.  I'm definitely aware that this year will be a challenge for me and the habits that I want to change.  This should be an interesting year in our classroom.

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